Your One Stop Shop For Four Point Probe Heads


Your one stop shop for Four Point Probe Heads MPP probes are compatible with wafer resistivity measurement equipment brands such as: KLA, Filmetrics, Kokusai, Napson, Semilab, Signatone and other tabletop equipment manufacturers MPP’s Probe History The origins of MPP’s probes are rooted in the A&M Fell, the first industrial  4 point probe head. In 2010 […]

MPP’s coated HWW increases MTBA & improves productivity

heavy wire wedge increase MTBA & improves productivity

MPP’s coated heavy wire wedge increases MTBA and improves productivity = saving the overall cost of bonding. In a recent evaluation at a well-known automotive device packaging OEM, MPPs HWW (Heavy wire wedge) for 12 mil wire achieved outstanding improvement in increasing the  MTBA and improving productivity. With its current process, the customer was required […]

MPP manufacture parts for a leading medical device company

MPP medical parts for robotics industry

MPP is proud to announce that it was recently selected to manufacture parts for a leading medical device company in the field of remote-controlled surgical robots. The parts that MPP is manufacturing are made of Titanium and require unique production methods to meet the highly challenging production specifications of the customer. MPP’s solutions are implemented […]

Breakthrough in life of gold wire wedges

MPP engineering team developed a solution for extending the life of wedges for gold wire bonding contributing to improved quality, productivity and reduction of cost. Results at customers’ sites  show an increase of more than 100% in wedge life. This achievement is a result of an extensive development effort and a deep understanding of the […]