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Heavy (Large) Wire Wedge (HWW) bonding tools Added Value Solution

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Heavy wire wedge bonding tools added values

The Company

  • MPP is a leading customized solutions provider for the semiconductors and micro-electronic devices assembly industry.

  • MPP Established in 2010 with 40 years of experience and expertise

  • We Provides solutions to a wide array of market leaders & segments

  • We master the whole production process: raw material 🡺 end product

    150 employees  🡺 part of a large group of companies supported by ~ 600 employees


MPP has wide varaiety of products

Our challenge- Creating an accurate high performance products

  • Special geometry of the tip
  • Back and Front Radii
  • Tolerances ±2 deg
  • Repeatability 0.0002 ± “
  • Surface condition
geometry tip


Area of Improvement

Increase no’ of bonds between cleaning cycles, especially on1’st cleaning cycle


Increase total no’ of bonds with top quality of bonding (life span)


Added Value Solution by MPP

Better wear and/or build-up resistivity


Special tip design to reduce build-up


Optional types of coatings to

1.Resist Al “stick-up” è high bond count on 1’st cycle, And/or

2.Increase resistivity to wear

Surface Treatment

geometry tip

Extending Tool Life Span

MPP is now offering innovative coating solutions that increase the life of its Heavy Wire Wedges (HWW) and extends the bond count until the first cleaning cycle.

Our unique coating solutions are engineered to Decrease Aluminum build up on the tool’s tip & to Reduce tool wear rate.
This solution is simple & with no need to change the tool’s geometry & its bonding parameters.
Our coating has many benefits which Significantly reduce machine downtime, coating drastically Increase MTBA (Mean Time Between Assists) &
Overall improvement in productivity & the bottom line is it Achieve lower cost per bond!

  • Special HWW Material
    • Supported by:
    • Optimal composition of TC
    • Reduced “build-up” and improved resistivity to wear
    • Status: under qualification
  • Special Tip Design for HWW & Ribbon tools by MPP
    • Unique MPP own tip design 🡺 reduce build-up & wear while maintaining top quality bonding performances
    • Special coatings options to reduce build-up / wear
mpp wedge

Surface Treatment (Coating) by MPP

  • Reducing Build-up
    • Extending bond count until 1’st cleaning cycle is applied
    • 2 major solutions:
      • Carbon based technology
      • Silicon based technology
    • Minimizing the interaction between the Cobalt Binder of the tool and the Aluminum Wire
    • 🡺 Reducing build-up 🡺 Reducing wear
  • Thin coating which doesn’t affect the tool geometry / ultrasonic behavior no parameter’s adjustment is required
  • Other options are available
  • In house capabilities

Best in Class QC & QA

  • 100 % inspection 🡺 in-process & final. Using:
    • Microscopes & stereo zooms
    • Shadowgraphs
    • Live online electro-optical inspection equipment
    • Nikon-Nexiv CNC operated video measurements
  • SEM sample inspection
  • Laser marking
  • 100% traceability
  • “on-demand” replacement of masters
  • Routine Cpk analysis
  • Continuous customer’s feedback

MPP Value Proposisition

  • Quality tools
    • Strict QC & QA 🡺 High Accuracy & Repeatability
    • Top Performances – bonding and life span
    • Qualified by leading customers 🡺 Automotive and other semiconductors/power devices manufacturer
    • Compatible for all bonder’s manufacturer – K&S, Cho-Onpa, Hesse, F&S and others
  • Excellent product support
    • Short lead time
    • Attractive prices
    • Supporting consignment and other “custom made” solutions
  • Close and intimate engineering support
    • Supporting customer’s inquiries for new designs and applications
    • Special tools options for longer life span
      • Material
      • Tip design
      • Surfacer treatment (coatings)
    • Special marking options – s/n, QR code

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