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International Cooperation in the Semiconductor Sector

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International Cooperation in the Semiconductor Sector

The Embassy of Israel in the Philippines hosted Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. and Micro Point Pro Ltd , two leading companies in the semiconductor field, the goal is to promote international cooperation in the semiconductor sector in order to facilitate the healthy growth of the industry from a long-term, global perspective.


We are looking forward to this new stage of collaboration.


Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc. leading global technology and electronics manufacturing solutions expert in the world.

Micro Point Pro Ltd leading customized solutions provider for the semiconductors and micro-electronic devices assembly industry.

Israel–Philippines relations refers to the bilateral ties between the State of Israel and the Republic of the Philippines.


Ilan Fluss Ambassador of Israel to the Philippines

Tomer Heyvi Head of Israel Economic Mission to the Philippines

Jerome S Tan President at Integrated Micro-Electronics

Arthur Tan CEO at Integrated Micro-Electronics

Avi Elkayam Owner at Micro Point Pro

Michael Asraf Owner at Micro Point Pro

Moshe Elimelech – CEO at Micro Point Pro Ltd.

International Cooperation in the Semiconductor Sector

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