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MPP’s coated HWW increases MTBA & improves productivity

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MPP’s coated heavy wire wedge increases MTBA and improves productivity = saving the overall cost of bonding.

In a recent evaluation at a well-known automotive device packaging OEM, MPPs HWW (Heavy wire wedge) for 12 mil wire achieved outstanding improvement in increasing the  MTBA and improving productivity.

With its current process, the customer was required to clean the aluminum build-up that accumulated on the bonding tool after every 20-30k bonds.

In order to improve the bonding performance, MPP provided the customer a wedge with  MPP’s special tip coating.

As a result, the customer was able to bond more than 700K bonds consecutively (improving the current process by >25x) while maintaining good bond quality and without any need for cleaning and replacing the wedge. This in term provided a significant reduction in manufacturing resources and improved productivity contributing to an overall saving in cost.

  • Drastically Increase MTBA (Mean Time Between Assists)
  • Overall improvement in productivity
  • Achieve lower cost per bond
  • No change in bonding process window required (“drop-in” replacement)
heavy wire wedge increase MTBA & improves productivity

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