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MPP specializes in the field of thin protective glasslike coatings obtained by a patented combination of advanced high voltage sputtering technology at low temperatures 30-150°C (Cold HV-Sputtering) which provides direct deposition of amorphous films.

A variety of ceramic and metal coatings are available.

Our “Cold HV-Sputtering” has been used successfully in various types of applications: Microelectronics, optics, medical, aerospace, machining tools and precision mechanics:

  • Increases wear resistance and prolongs life span of bonding tools, cutting and machining tools, gears, bearings and plastic molds.
  • Provides anti-corrosive coating and increases surface protection in aggressive environmental conditions.
  • Improved adhesion
  • Low porosity levels
  • Coating thickness ranges from 0.2 – 3 µ by steps of 0.1 µ
  • In medical applications, like: increased resistivity for thrombosis in stents, improved navigation of catheter head, medical balloons/tubes coating, etc.

Commonly used on optical reflectors (aluminum & silver), materials glued together (composites, plastics, metals), molds, valves, machined precision parts, die handling tools, bonding and vacuum tip tools.

Properties: Silicon based

Coating Materials: Ceramic and Metals

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