Fine Pitch Four Point Probe

NEW: Fine Pitch Four Point Probe heads by Micro Point Pro

MPP is a leading manufacturer of Four Point Probe (4PP) heads for resistivity measurements of wafers and thin conductive films.

The FINE PITCH PROBE is the latest addition to MPP’s 4PP portfolio

Key benefits of  MPP’s Fine pitch probe are:

  • Improved testing accuracy and resolution
  • Maximum utilization of wafer space
  • A wide range of probe tip radii
  • High breakdown voltage with low leakage
  • Individual needle pressure adjustment (50-200 grf.)
  • Tungsten carbide needles for high durability
  • Customizable to a variety of equipment manufacturers

* MPP’s Fine Pitch Probe are available for well-known wafer resistivity measurement equipment OEMs such as KLA, Kokusai, Napson and others.

Download our new product Pdf clicking HERE