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Clip bonding breakthrough solution

Clip bonding is an alternative process to wire bonding in microelectronics
assembly. Clip bonding provides a secure and robust connection, reducing
the risk of mechanical failure. It enables fast production rates, as clips can be
attached in parallel, improving manufacturing efficiency. Additionally, clip
bonding is ideal for power electronics applications, as it can handle high
current and voltage requirements. Clip bonding minimizes the risk of wire
sweep or damage during handling, making it a reliable choice for demanding
electronic devices.

MPP has recently developed a breakthrough solution for increasing
the yield and productivity of the clip bonding process by applying
innovative flow dynamics concepts to the dispensing tool design
that is used in this process. The main advantages of MPPs
innovative design are:

Faster response to dispensing command
Improved dispensing precision
Easier setup
Extended life of the dispensing tool
Reduced clogging rate
Easy adaptation and conversion of legacy designs

s breakthrough design is already being implemented with leading global
power device manufacturers.

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