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The iBond5000 Dual ball and wedge wire bonder is an advanced convertible wedge and ball bonder used for process development, production, research, and supplemental manufacturing support.

The iBond5000 Dual enables ball and wedge wire bonder fine aluminum and gold wire wedge or ribbon bonding utilizing a deep access wire feed system. For gold or copper ball bonding, the system features a Patented N-EFO to generate the ball bond, which is mounted on a unique swing arm assembly, providing simplified changeover between bonding modes, including:

  • Ball, Bump & Wedge bonding gold wires: 17-70 microns dia.
  • Wedge Bonding Aluminium Wires: 20-75 microns dia.
  • Ball bonding of copper and Platinum-Iridium wires
  • Ribbon Bonding: 25 x 250-micron gold ribbon.

The iBond5000 Dual enables ball and wedge wire bonder, which based on the proven 4500 Series (the market leader for nearly a decade), provides the high yield and excellent repeatability needed for every wedge and ball bonding application including Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Discrete Devices/Lasers, Chip-on-Boards, Leads, Sensors, High Power Devices and much more.

The MPP iBond5000 series integrates the proven MWB mechanical design with an advanced graphic user interface with semi-automatic and manual operation modes, touch-screen interface, individual bond parameter control, program storage, and the capability to handle a wide range of wire diameters, from 18 to 75-micron diameter wire and up to 250 x 25-micron ribbon.

Key Features:

  • Overall solution – machine, tools, application development, service
  • Silver, Gold, and Platinum service plans
  • Trade-in options & Rental options
  • 24/7 Online Technical support
  • Customized wire bonding profiles
  • Ball bonding, bumping, coining, security bond, and Tab bond
  • High yield and excellent repeatability for every bonding application including Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Chip-on-Boards and more.
  • Easy conversion between wedge and ball configuration
  • Adjustable work holder height for added flexibility
  • Supports a wide range of wire and ribbon size
  • Large bondable area: 135 mm x 135 mm (5.3” x 5.3”)


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