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Waffle tip bonding tools

Waffles Anyone?
Waffle tip bonding tools are used in the semiconductor industry mainly for

ribbon and
lead to leadbonding applications. Waffle tip tools provide several

advantages in these applications:
Improved Heat Dissipation:
The waffle tip design enables better heat
dissipation during the wire bonding process.

Reduced Damage:
The waffle tip design distributes the pressure more
evenly, reducing the risk of damaging delicate components or substrates

during the bonding process.

Longevity: The design of waffle tips can often contribute to a longer lifespan
for the bonding tool due to the more even distribution of wear and tear.

Waffle tip bonding tools can often accommodate a range of wire
diameters and materials, making them versatile for various bonding


Quality of Bonds: The design of the waffle tip can lead to improved bond
quality, ensuring reliable and consistent connections.

Micro Point Pro Ltd (
MPP) offers a wide range of waffle tools made of a variety
of materials including Tungsten carbide (
WC), Titanium (TiC) carbide, and
special Ceramic compositions. Our tools are made with the
most advanced
manufacturing techniques to guarantee best-in-class quality and consistency.


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