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MPP is a leading supplier of Heavy Wire Wedges (HWW) and Wedges for large Ribbons supporting leading manufacturer of power devices for all types of applications, especially: Automotive, Electric Vehicle (EV) and Semiconductors.

All is done in-house and by applying own-designed unique & efficient manufacturing processes, with best in class integrated QC & QA.les MPP to HWW tools with:

MPP’s expert engineering team are continuously working with our customers to support cost reduction projects, better up-time and improved MTBA, without any compromise on quality and performances.

Special “cost reduction” projects are supported with MPP’s own propriety special tip design, along with own developed special TC material with superior “low build up” performances.

MPP is working “hand in hand” with leading OEM bonding equipment, and supporting customers using All bonder’s manufacturer – K&S, Cho-Onpa, Hesse, F&S and others

Altogether, MPP’s solution support you with the “lowest cost per bond” by delivering:

  • Quality tools
    • Strict QC & QA è High Accuracy & Repeatability
    • Top Performances – bonding and life span
    • Qualified by leading customers
  • Excellent product support
    • Short lead time
    • Attractive prices
    • Supporting consignment and other “custom made” solutions
  • Close and intimate engineering support
    • Supporting customer’s inquiries for new designs and applications
    • Special tools options for longer life span
    • Special marking options – s/n, QR code


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