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Waffle tip bonding tools

Waffles Anyone?Waffle tip bonding tools are used in the semiconductor industry mainly for ribbon and “lead to lead” bonding applications. Waffle tip tools provide several advantages in these applications:Improved Heat Dissipation: The waffle tip design enables better heat dissipation during the wire bonding process. Reduced Damage: The waffle tip design distributes the pressure more evenly, […]

Probing Solar

Solar wafers are used in the production of solar cells, which generate electricity from sunlight. The four-point probe method is a precise technique used in the electronics industry to measure the resistivity of semiconductor materials in solar and other wafers. By employing four precisely spaced probes on the wafer surface, it passes a known current […]

Clip bonding breakthrough solution

Clip bonding is an alternative process to wire bonding in microelectronics assembly. Clip bonding provides a secure and robust connection, reducing the risk of mechanical failure. It enables fast production rates, as clips can be attached in parallel, improving manufacturing efficiency. Additionally, clip bonding is ideal for power electronics applications, as it can handle high […]

Die Collets and Pick and Place Tools

Die Collets and Pick and Place Tools - MPP TOOLS

MPP will enable you to overcome your pick and place process challenges by offering: A wide variety of catalog designs covering most of your pick and place requirements Custom die collets and pick up tools designed for coping with special die geometries and other process limitations Professional engineering support focused on solving process challenges High […]


Precision Parts-manufacturing small precision parts - MPP

MPP has developed technological capabilities to handle a variety of materials including Metals – ferrous metals/magnetic & non-magnetic metals/alloys etc. : The different kind of metals include: Aluminum Copper Brass Bronze Titanium & more Plastic – our focus is specifically on PEEK & VESPEL materials. Ceramic Composites: Alumina, Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) Zirconia (ZrO2) Silicon Carbide […]


Fine Machining & Customized Ceramic Parts - MPP Tools

MPP is an expert when it comes to producing complex mechanical miniature parts with tight tolerances. We supply prototype development/small R&D volumes as well as high volume production components, assemblies and tools. Our precision capabilities & solutions include: Accurate grinding of a wide variety of materials down to micron level tolerances Milling and turning of parts […]


Fine wire wedge bonding tools- MPP Tools

With over 35 years of experience, MPP is a leading supplier of Wedges, Fine Wire Wedges, Ribbon Bonding Wedges, and TAB tools for the microelectronics backend assembly industry. MPP tools are compatible with all manual, semi-automatic, and automatic wedge bonder models such as K&S, Hesse, Delvotek, ASM, Palomar and others We deliver an unmatched tool-to-tool […]


Heavy wire wedge bonding tools

MPP is a leading manufacturer of Heavy Wire Wedge bonding tools (HWW) and ribbon tools for large manufacturers of power devices for all types of applications, especially: Automotive, Electric Vehicle (EV), and Semiconductors. All is done in-house and by applying own-designed unique & efficient manufacturing processes, with best in class integrated QC & QA.les MPP […]


MPP specializes in the field of thin protective glasslike coatings obtained by a patented combination of advanced high voltage sputtering technology at low temperatures 30-150°C (Cold HV-Sputtering) which provides direct deposition of amorphous films. A variety of ceramic and metal coatings are available. Our “Cold HV-Sputtering” has been used successfully in various types of applications: microelectronics, […]



Solder Jet Balling (SJB) is a standard technology in hard disc drive manufacturing. SJB is also applied in other major applications such as cell phone camera assembly, wafer bumping and more. Micro Point is the market leader for SJB tools. We provide: Superior materials & tool specifications for extending the tool’s life Special designs to […]

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